Essay on Fahrenheit 451 And The Hunger Games

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A dystopian society is based in the future and they tend to put an emphasis on an aspect of a present society that could lead to disastrous consequences. Some examples are political systems, technology, a gap between the rich and the poor, and the moral development of the citizens.
Both Fahrenheit 451 and the Hunger games show aspects of propaganda and how that impacts the lives and thought process of the citizens. In Fahrenheit 451 the residents are encouraged not to read books as they are a waste of time and will provide them with nothing that their TV screens can’t already do. By removing the knowledge and thought process that books can provide society has been successfully dumbed down which in the viewpoint of a government makes the people easier to control, even though there will always be a group of people who don 't comply but they are the minority. Fahrenheit 451 does not show a figurehead that the people worship but instead leave it as a generally accepted thing the people have been programmed to believe. In the Hunger games propaganda is used in order to promote the Capitol and keep the residents in each district compliant with their beliefs.
The hunger games itself are a constant reminder to the people of who is in control and gets to decide their fate. During the opening introduction to the games the short video is aimed to instill a sense of gratefulness towards the capitol for saving them and providing them with everything they have, no matter how small. By…

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