Facts About The Dire Wolf Essay

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Interesting Facts about the Dire Wolf
There are many interesting facts about the dire wolves just as with other animals, however since the dire wolf does not exist anymore, there are many people who take it that the dire wolf is nothing but a mere myth. Interestingly, the dire wolf is not a myth; they actually existed before they went extinct after the last ice age.
The dire wolves were known scientifically by the name Canis dirus, and they actually existed, inhabiting North America as well as parts of South America with some scientists believing that they originally evolved while they were in South America and others believing they originated from North America. It is more possible that they came from the North considering that the fossil of their possible ancestor called Canis armbusteri was found in the North. Their scientific name actually translates to mean a fearsome dog.
There are numerous bone fragments belonging to the dire wolves that have been found in these regions thus scientists believe that they existed in large numbers in the region. In total, their fossils have been found in about one hundred and thirty six locations. The first evidence to show that dire wolves actually existed was in the form of a jaw bone that was found in Indiana in the year 1854.
. There are available displays at various locations in the world that showcase the skulls as well as full skeletons of the dire wolves which serve as evidence of their existence. Their distribution shows that…

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