Essay about Facts About Domestication And Agriculture

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Domestication and Agriculture I wasn’t sure what to expect given this assignment especially since, most people take food for granted and look to a grocery store as a dispensary. I knew many foods had to have originated somewhere but where was uncertain as there are many plants that are native to one place and through time immigrated elsewhere. In addition, many foods have been domesticated as well as new strands and varieties created. My biggest concern with foods today isn’t so much from where they derive but whether they are organic or genetically modified. To say the least, this assignment was interesting when considering what I was eating but also from where the food was first domesticated. After completing the worksheet that listed the foods I had eaten for five days, I was a bit surprised by what I found. The majority of the foods I consumed, where domesticated in Asia and the Middle East. I couldn’t help but wonder if, I was subconsciously attracted to the foods from Asia because of my heritage or if I was just trying to make an unfounded association. The foods from the Middle East stood to reason as this happens to be the birthplace of farming. Yet, I was shocked at how little food I consumed from North America, South America and Africa. I guess perhaps it might be do to the type of clean diet I have and the foods I prefer over others. For example, I prefer poultry to any other meat protein and I enjoy grains like Quinoa and fruits, like dates. Domestication…

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