Factory Farming Is A Major Agricultural Crisis Brewing For The Last Twenty Or More Years?

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We encounter it every day in supermarkets, in fast food restaurants, and even in movie theaters. Factory farming is a major agricultural crisis brewing for the last twenty or more years, but today consumers have options to help stop it. While the food industry profits from animal cruelty and massive pollution, ordinary farmers are sunk further into debt. The livestock are loaded with chemicals and antibiotics, thus making it unhealthy for humans to eat. Finally, the food industry is defiantly hiring illegal immigrants for labor in order to avoid labor unions. First and foremost, factory farming encompasses the most gruesome and archaic forms of animal cruelty towards chickens, pigs, and cows. Chickens are cramped in battery cages, to the point that they don’t have room to spread their wings. Even limbs fall off because of the crowded spacing. Occasionally, chickens are de-beaked without anesthetics, most commonly for processing McDonald’s Egg McMuffins. They never see the light of day. The scariest part is that 90% of all chickens raised in the U.S. come from these conditions ("Environment, Factory Farms Harm the Environment," 2012, pg. 3). Pigs and cows are treated just as horribly. PETA videos show Tyson workers throwing young piglets around as if they were tennis balls. In another video, piglets are separated from their mother. As the mother screams, workers beat the mother until she stops screaming. Most pigs are locked in gestation crates their entire lives.…

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