Factors That Motivate Parent Involvement Behavior Of Latino Parents

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Introduction/Purpose There is an achievement gap between African American and white students with Latino students because language barriers, limited parental education, poverty, discrimination and residential instability (Walker, Ice, Hoover-Dempsey & Sander, 2011, p.411). In addition, the perspective of many schools on Latino families’ abilities and parent involvement is a contributing factor to the achievement gap. Walker et al. (2011) explains that some schools may not understand the many ways families can be involved, their preference in the type of family involvement in regards to different cultures and their overall motivation. The purpose of this study is identify factors that motivate parent involvement behavior of Latino parents’ (Walker et al., 2011). Walker et al. (2011) believes this insight could give educators ideas about how to encourage families from diverse backgrounds to participate in school (Walker et al., 2011).

The participants were 147 Latino parents from a public school system in a metropolitan area located in the southeastern United States (Walker et al., 2011). The level of education of the parents were: 52% received less than a high school diploma, 26% received a high school diploma, 11% completed some college and 11% earned a college degree (Walker, et al., 2011, p.416). Approximately 43% reported an annual family income of $10,000 or less, 36% with $10,001-$20,000, 16% with $20,001-30,000 and 5% with over $30,000 (Walker et al., 2011,…

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