Essay about Factors That Maintain The Current Condition Of Somalia

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This thesis-driven essay deals with the quandary of order in Somalia, the purpose being to determine the factors that maintain the current condition of statelessness. An important aspect of this exercise is to highlight the differences within the region embodied by the legal unit of Somalia. Located in the North of the country, two major entities have developed, Somaliland and Puntland, in stark contrast to southern and central Somalia which “are marred by violence and the absence of effective political order.” This disparity between a merely functioning and existing with or without lawful authority in States in the north compared to ineffective legitimate States in the South is essential to understand the political relations in today Somalia. This paper aims to re-address Somalia as a re-emerging states-system in accordance with the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s (1980) theory which rebuffed the “hierarchical structure in favor of the non-structured organization.”
This in an attempt to change the too common and old central discourse of Somalia as a ‘failed state.’ The perception of Somalia as a nascent states-system brings about consequences for the political motivations of external actors who attempt to enhance stability and to create a system of political collaboration based on “norms in order to build peace substitutes to the importance of keeping and/or bring back to life the old state structure.”
The examination of the political conflicts in Somalia after…

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