Factors That Influence A Young Person 's Life Essay

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Significant factors influence a young person 's life, according to longitudinal studies, parents, peers, and advertisements are the most influential (Kessler). Furthermore, young adults are influenced to smoke, drink, or experiment with some type of drug partly because of advertisements or the need to fit in with other peers. According to Mary H. Cooper, by the time American teens leave high school, a quarter of them are addicted smokers. Along with the number of youth smokers, nearly three- fourths, or seventy two percent, have consumed a significant amount of alcohol by the end of high school (Monitoring the Future: National Survey Results on Drug Use). It is obvious that tobacco and alcohol companies hire outstanding, top of the tier, marketing employees to have their products be recognized in some sort of way. Many alcohol and tobacco companies spend a great amount of money to have television and magazine advertisements become a statement to the public eye and to catch many people’s attention. Along with advertising, the producers of tobacco and alcohol promote flavored, smokeless, or with interesting words to make the product more appealing to people who do not partake in tobacco or alcohol. If these advertisements were to be blocked from television, or in magazines, children may become more curious of the item and may want to try it out. Many alcohol and tobacco products display an appealing need that one may want. advertising eighteen and older products on…

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