Factors That Determine The Type Of Zone Essay

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Sand dunes are located on the rear area of a beach. Usually rich in vegetation and built up by dry sand blown beaches. As the sand builds up the sand dune becomes higher. Many types of flora assist in building up sand dunes. The flora acts as a windbreak and catches particles of sand causing the dunes to build up further. As the plants act as a wind break and accumulate sand they need to grow up to ensure that they aren’t buried by the very sand they accumulate. This creates many root and stem systems within the sand. This stabilises the dune by giving it foundation in form of root and stem systems. Sand dunes are key to protecting the coast line against wave damage during storms and do this effectively as the root systems within each dune hold the dune in place.
Zonation is the categorisation of different types of biomes into zones. Some Abiotic factors that determine the type of zone or biome include altitude, latitude (which affects amount of sunlight), temperature, salinity, wind and humidity (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2016). At Point Cartwright there was a high level of salinity as it was by the sea water. There was also prominent wind, as well as a low altitude which caused an approximately 20 meter zone where there was no flora as the sea water would drown or kill it when high tide comes in or tidal surges cover the flora with very salty water which would’ve killed any flora growing in that particular zone. A major biotic factor of Point Cartwright are the lack of…

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