Factors That Affect The Family Essay

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When counseling patients, family therapists are aware of the many circumstances that may be affecting each family. Families can be shaped by the roles of the genders in the home. Considering gender can help a therapist know how to better handle certain situations because gender roles shape how family therapists view patients; whether or not a therapist takes gender into consideration when counseling can determine the family’s outcome.
Based on how people have been raised they can see gender roles in different ways. In a culture, the way gender is viewed can be insightful on how people of each gender are valued in that society (Fox and Murry 1164). From an early age people are taught what a normal family is, but throughout the years different people have developed different ideas of what a typical family is, which leaves a distorted image of the traditional family. This is why so many people have different views of families (1162). Society has set a standard of how a person with a certain gender is supposed to act. These roles are taught rather than being instinctual (1163). Gender roles are defined by each person based on their surroundings. Society views gender roles as either masculine or feminine. In this society today, men and women are expected by society to act a certain way, rather than be who they really are (1164). The way a people view gender may also be based on how they personally view themselves, but also views on gender roles are more frequently based on…

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