Factors Influencing A Social Location Essay

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Many distinguishing factors determine how an individual is placed in society throughout their course of life. This placement in society can otherwise be named social location. Social location can be defined as the group memberships that people have because of their location in history and society (Henslin 2). Factors such as politics, education, religion, family, and even social inequality play a key role in determining ones social location. Sociologists use these factors in deciphering how an individual will behave in society. Throughout this course of Sociology we have uncovered how social location is shaped by the factors stated above, and learned what the effects and correlations between these factors and determining ones social location is. An individuals behavior feeds off the background and environment that they are placed in. Whether this background be ethnic, geographical, or race it all determines who an individual is and how they will behave. A persons social location will determine their norms, values, and memberships. Depending on where a society member came from (meaning family history), their education level, social class, and many other factors affect ones norms and values and how they pick the people to form relationships with. We can use a scenario to get a better picture on how social location effects norms, values, and groups: a middle class man with a wife and two kids, living in the suburbs with a steady career is going to have different norms, values,…

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