Factors For Earthquake Engineering

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Earthquakes for been a constant force of nature since the beginning of the Earth. The damage done by earthquakes over time cannot be over looked. The damage has been monetary, emotional, and has taken many lives. Today, a capstone in Civil Engineering, Earthquake Engineering is trying to reduce all of these damages using modern technology and resources to build structures that can withstand the mass forces of earthquakes.
Earthquake engineering is broken down into two major parts, the first being understanding how earthquakes affect current structures and the types of forces they apply to that are able to withstand the forces of nature and keep the inhabitants or people around the structures safe. The goal to designing an earthquake serviceable
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Engineers used many methods of analyzing the best options for building codes and allowing structures to remain standing and allow for the occupants to remain in safety during an earthquake. The shaker table and computer-generated models allow for engineers to analyze data and then make decisions for each specific structure for the design and materials based on geographical factors and the strength of the building required for certain magnitudes. Understanding how the forces of earthquakes affect structural members allows for new designs and more research into the field. The codes for buildings are getting better and less damage is being done by every earthquake due to our improving designs and preparations. Although seismic activity around the world is increasing and we are witnessing some of the largest magnitudes every recorded such as the earthquake off the coast of Japan that was of 9.0 magnitude or the recent Chilean quake that registered an 8.8 on the Richter Scale. The field of earthquake engineering needs more research and development for the population to be able to keep up with the increasing disaster rate because the costs of earthquake damages are increasing constantly. If the development continues now and the population is able to eventually reduce the costs of damage dramatically, we will also be in good shape for safety. The death toll for each earthquake is also going down and we want that to eventually hit 0 for all seismic activity and it begins with the best possible designs and codes for

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