Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of the Students Essay

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Global Journal of Management and Business Research

Volume 12 Issue 9 Version 1.0 June 2012
Type: Double Blind Peer Reviewed International Research Journal
Publisher: Global Journals Inc. (USA)
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Factors Affecting Students’ Academic Performance
By Irfan Mushtaq & Shabana Nawaz Khan
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad, Pakistan


- Many practical studies are carried out to investigate factors affecting college students’ performance. The focus of this research is that student performance in intermediate examination is linked with students’ outline consisted of his approach towards communication, learning facilities, proper guidance and family stress. The research is based on student
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Student academic performance measurement has received considerable attention in previous research, it is challenging aspects of academic literature, and science student performance are affected due to social, psychological, economic, environmental and personal factors. These factors strongly influence on the student performance, but these factors vary from person to person and country to country. From the last few years in Pakistan literacy rate and education improved and most of the instituted in
Pakistan improving the educational level and produce well educated, competitive and skilled person, those meet dynamic growing market requirement. That’s a reason the researcher find out such factors that effecting student performance, especially in rural areas where student face lot of problem.
Previously mostly study of student academic performance conducting on such issues like gender difference, teacher’s education and teaching style, class environment, socio economic factor and family education background. The finding of this study varies

: MS Scholar, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad
Pakistan. E-mail : irfan.mushtaq08@gmail.com
: M. Phil Scholar, Faculty of Administrative Sciences Kotli,
University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Muzaffarabad, Pakistan.
E-mail : dj96.snkhan@gmail.com

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