Facility Manager At Liberty Athletic Club Essay

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Scenario: I am the Facility Manager at Liberty Athletic Club. Liberty Athletic Club is a family owned and operated private tennis club with a large fitness area, basketball court, indoor track and multiple swimming pools, among other things. The club opened its doors in 1973 with only tennis courts and since then has continued to grow to an exceptional 110,000 square feet. Our problem is this, since growing the building and the HVAC systems have not grown with it. We have serious issues controlling temperatures in the facility and condensation builds up on our air conditioning units and drip profusely. Members constantly complain on hot summer days about the grueling temperatures inside of the club, even though the temperature is set much farther below. Many days the units will drip immense amounts and we must act fast and place buckets around the club the collect the water droplets. This is an upscale club that members are paying a premium price for yet it does not look so upscale with red buckets and towels scattered throughout. I have found that the reason behind the condensation build up and dripping is due to the rusted out pans inside of our units. We currently use a mix of residential and commercial forced air conditioning units and furnaces, all of which are many many years old. We are using two dehumidifiers between the pool areas to keep the humidity down, however, in combination with these old air conditioning units it is still difficult to control the…

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