Facebook 's Influence On Facebook Essay

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The data of Facebook has been increasing since the beginning. Facebook has been one of many places that people come to share memories and talk about family and friends. This is also the meeting place of likeminded people on a variety of different issues and topics. Facebook host many pages related to companies, organization, colleges, and Universities. These different pages contain data and links to those organizations. These organizations also use Facebook to see what other websites users visit with the use of tracking cookies. Security and data are a big piece of Facebook because of all the users sharing data with others.
Data by itself is nothing but random collection of closely related items. Data always Facebook to track which users has posted picture on their website and who hasn’t. This data is recorded for how much space the user’s takes up, how many photos the person has up, the videos that the person has posted, and a log of the written messages that the person has posted on their wall. Data could also consist of what website a person link to his/her Facebook pages and / or what products or services a person talks about on their page. Big companies like Facebook give opportunities to other companies to post ads that direct people using Facebook to their website. These ads use the data that Facebook collects about the different people using Facebook to show ads that the person may find usefully. (Davenport, 2013)
The source of data is where the data originates from.…

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