Facebook Is The Worst Feeling Essay

833 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
I remember when I was about six years old and was at my aunt and uncle 's house and my cousin was about fourteen at the time and we all gathered together in his room watching a movie and laughing till our stomachs hurt from all, the jokes he would tell. The times when I would steal his shoes and he would be running around trying to catch me, of course, he wasn 't trying because I was little and he could run twice the speed of what I could. The little moments when he would come over the last time I was with my cousin was the day he came over to visit and we were drinking tea all together with our family I remember that was a night full of laughter and we never knew that it could all be gone in second.
Death and loss have been well-known in my family throughout the last two years of my life. Sophomore year of high school my cousin passed away from a tragic car accident. Finding out the news of losing someone through Facebook is the worst feeling in the world.
Later on the police say that the cause of his death was another car trying to race him and it turned into a hit and run. Throughout my school year, my family and cousins were hoping the suspect ran away would come clean and admit his mistake. Sadly that never happened. The reminder his death when I drive past the pole in which he lost his life too is a piece of my heart being crumbled up. It reminds me that one person couldn 't muster up the courage and dignity in their hearts to even stop after hitting his car. Not to…

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