F. Scott Fitzgerald 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay examples

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1. Nick describes himself as a nonjudgmental person.
2. Nick describes Tom as a
3. Jordan Baker is an old friend of Daisy’s, also a professional golfer. Nick likes that Jordan is extremely pessimistic, with a mannish, cold personality.
4. Gatsby is standing alone on his lawn looking out over the water towards the green light that marks where daisies home is. 5. Nick 's tone when he is describing tom portrayed that he was not fond of toms existence
1. Nick meets Tom’s mistress when tom takes nick to the garage where she lives.
2. Myrtle is excited to see Tom.
3. George Wilson seems to be unobservant, timid, and shy man.
4. It is an abandoned area where everything is covered with dust and ash. Valley of Ashes represents absolute dearth and desperateness
5. Tom attacks myrtle at the end of the party because she mentions daisy’s name. 3
1. Nick was invited to the party by Gatsby, and once there tries to introduce himself.
2. When Nick first meets Gatsby, he finds him to be very charismatic and nick believes that the Gatsby is being very careful what he’s saying.
3. Nick learns that Jordan is gravely deceitful.
4. Nicks characterizes the guests as self-absorbed and rude.
5. The party is very descriptive on how the jazz age was like 4
1. Gatsby tells Nick that he comes from a rich family and went to school in Oxford, and then when his parents passed, he got all their money and began to go across the world trying to forget something and then became a war hero.

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