Essay on F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, it is hard to miss the fact that the novel is related to the American dream. Fitzgerald made a connection to Gatsby’s dream, who was Daisy Buchanan, and the American dream itself. Critic John A. Pidgeon states in his essay “The Great Gatsby,” that the novels theme “is the withering of the American Dream.” In Kimberly Hearne’s “Fitzgerald’s rendering of a Dream,” she said that “Fitzgerald attempts to correct Americas misconceptions about the American dream” through Gatsby. Adam Meehan’s “Repetition, Race, and Desire in The Great Gatsby” states that Gatsby is seen “as a figure for America” rather than the American dream itself. These three critics all have similar views on how Jay Gatsby represent some center of America, Pidgeon only talks about how Gatsby represents the American dream, Hearne not only does that, but wants to clear up the misunderstanding of what the American dream really is, unlike critics Pidgeon, and Hearne, Meehan sees Gatsby as a figure of America, and not the American dream
According to Pidgeon, the American Dream is the idea that anyone can do whatever they can to rise to the top and achieve any goal they want (Pidgeon). He also adds that there is this mentality in which people believe that the most valuable achievement is “material gain.” For Gatsby that material gain was Daisy Buchanan. Many critics, like Pidgeon see the connection Fitzgerald made with Daisy being Gatsby’s American dream. Pidgeon believes…

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