F. Scott Fitzgerald 's Tender Is The Night And The Beautiful And Damned

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Love is very powerful; it can give someone something to live for or it can destroy someone 's will to live. In F. Scott Fitzgerald 's Tender Is the Night and The Beautiful and Damned, relationships cause mental stress in both groups of protagonists. Due to their reliance on others, Dick, Nicole, Gloria, and Anthony are all affected by: fear, lust, and hatred.
In The Beautiful and Damned, Anthony grows up with a fear of desertion. By the time he was eleven years old, both of his parents had died and he had grown a feeling of detachment. When Anthony goes to visit his grandfather (whom Anthony depends on to inherit millions of dollars), Anthony tells him, “I’m best qualified to write […] history’ […] ‘Middle Ages? Why not your own country”(20). since Adam Patch does not agree with Anthony 's aspirations, Anthony feels deserted; as he has no other family and seeks acceptance from his grandfather. This feeling of desertion ultimately leads to Anthony 's downfall, as it creates an emotional barrier between Adam and himself, which is part of the reason why he does not include Anthony on his will. Also, Anthony 's entire reason for going to visit his grandfather is to ensure that he is happy with what Anthony is doing with his life, so Adam gives him all of his money. Anthony and Gloria 's relationship does not produce anything good at all either. Since they both have a common fear of desertion, they fuel each other to be more social and to fear solitude. In the text it is…

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