External Situation Analysis : Procter & Gamble Essay

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External Situation Analysis
The markets in which P&G products are sold are extremely competitive. P&G competes alongside similar branded products in addition to merchants ' private-label brands on a global scale. They use well planned techniques to position themselves which include advertising, promotions and brand awareness via P&G’s expansive sales force. P&G (2012) believes that product quality, performance, value and packaging are their most important competitive factors, often creating leadership and significant market share position.
Current marketing environments are continuously favorable for Procter & Gamble, making them a leader in all their market segments. Financially, the company is staying static in stock performance. Below is a diagram of P&G’s stock performance against top competitors from July 2011 to July 2015 (Morgan, 2015):

Procter & Gamble has many competitors, but only four come close to exceeding their margins: Unilever, Kimberly Clark Corporation, Estee Lauder Companies, and Colgate- Palmolive (Morgan, 2015). Unilever competes with products such as Dove, ALL detergent, and St. Ives. Kimberly Clark Corporation provides brands of competition such as Huggies and Kotex. Estee Lauder, a global leader in beauty products, vies with their self-named lines in skin products, cosmetics and fragrances. Colgate-Palmolive rival with goods such as Colgate oral care, Palmolive soaps, Vaseline, and Ajax.
Marketing Mix
P&G’s marketing mix is complex and…

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