Extending And Complementing Graduation Season Essay

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Extending and Complementing Graduation Season: “Echo” Exhibition of Excellent Works from CAFA Visiting Scholar Class of 2015 is Now Open
In the morning of July 4th, as an extension and complement of CAFA’s 2016 graduation season, “Echo----Exhibition of Excellent Works from CAFA Visiting Scholar Class of 2015”, opened in CAFA’s education hall. This exhibition is hosted by China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and organized by its Training Department. It is also the first exhibition that CAFA has hosted for the visiting scholar graduates to demonstrate and communicate their learning achievements. This exhibition is intended to comprehensively display not only the various artistic characteristics from visiting scholars countrywide, but also the results of CAFA’s persistent effort on developing non-degree studies.
Wang Shaojun, CAFA’s deputy Party Secretary; Bi Jianxun, the Dean of the College of Continuing Studies; Chen Qi, the executive vice Dean of CAFA Graduate School; Wang Yingsheng, the Dean of the department of Heritage Conservation and Restoration; Wang Shujie, the former Dean of the College of Continuing Studies; and Lu Pingchang, Yao Mingjing, Tang Yongli, Zhou Jirong, Zhang Guolong, Xu Ping, the supervisors of the visiting scholars, all attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Wu Shoufeng, the vice Dean of CAFA’s College of Continuing Studies, presided over the opening ceremony.
In his opening address, Wang Shaojun introduced the basic background of…

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