Exponential Dying Rate Of Bees

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Recently I have seen much ado on many social media platforms about a problem that is taken very jokingly. The problem that I am talking about is the exponential dying rate of bees. I see that many people will make “memes”, which are jokes that are passed around the Internet like a flu or a virus, metaphorically speaking, and contain anything from satire to funny videos with a good mix of joyous and crude humor. Now the problem that arises with that is few will actually take into effect the issues this meme may cause in our world. When I first heard about this matter I really did not realize the severity of this problem and was very uneducated about the matter as well. At the time I knew that they sting people and scare many people to death. …show more content…
The question it answered was why they are dying so quickly? Now there is no definitive answers but there are plenty of theories and many that are held in high regards by scientists (Hagopian). But out of these said theories some are more feasible and provided better insight to this problem. The most important thing to know about this whole ordeal is a disease called Colony Collapse Disorder or (CCD). This is when a mass amount of bees in a colony is wiped out and all out die within a day or so (Bale). Now to put into perspective how big these colonies are, they can range from anywhere from one-thousand to two million bees. The most supported theory behind this phenomenon are the use of harmful pesticides. One of the pesticides called neonicotinoids, the most widely used pesticide in North America, has already been outlawed in numerous other countries throughout the world including Canada and France (McDonnell). This pesticide is sprayed on plants that bees go pollinate, and the worst part about it is the bees transfer this pesticide to other flowers they are pollinating and thus causes more bees to die (Bale). Another valued theory are that Varroa destructors are killing them off quickly. These are extremely small mites. But their only purpose on this earth is to suck bee’s blood which in turn kills the bees (Hagopian). This shown a direct correlation to their exponential rate of deaths (McDonnell). Antibodies have been made for bees to combat this parasite but in turn it has only made their immune system worse and more vulnerable to death when the antibody is not in their system. Other theories include weak genetics, viruses, and even cell phone towers

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