Exploring Reliability and Validity Essay

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Exploring Reliability and Validity
Lynetric Rivers
Liberty University

This paper will focus on the types of reliability and validity used in the Values and Motives Questionnaire. Also this writer will be investigating areas of concerns and strengths as it relates to the Values and Motives Questionnaire, well as formulating an opinion of the test (VMQ) with the material presented. This writer will further conveying information concerning the sample size, nature of population that could possibly effect constructs tested by the test.

Exploring Reliability and Validity

The Values and Motives Questionnaire also referred as Value and Motives Inventory examines a person's motivation as it relates to their activities, and
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The content related validity, criterion related validity, and construct validity. Criterion validity “concerned the extent to which an infinite was systematically related to and outcome criteria. With criterion related validity, we were interested in the degree to which an instrument was a good predictor of certain criterion.” (Whiston, 2012, p. 59) While researching the VMI it appears construct validity was applied along with criterion validity.
Areas of concern and strengths concerning VMI are as follows, the alpha coefficient was used in conjunction with the construct validity. According to the VMI the coefficients ranged from .52 through .83 which makes all coefficients over .5 but they had various ranges. According the VMI, “if the items on this scale have high interest correlations with each other, and with a total scale score, and the coefficient alpha will be high.” (“Values and Motives Questionnaire: The Technical Manual”). Since the coefficients had such various ranges could this possibly indicate a problem regarding errors? Also the manual for the VMI does acquiesce to the estimate for SD being acceptable but the infrequency scales fall somewhat short of ideal. (“Values and Motives Questionnaire: The Technical Manual”). If this is the case what will be considered ideal in their estimate.
The sample size was 159 MBA and

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