Explore The Theme Of Jealousy In Othello

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Choose a play which explores a theme that made an impression on you.

Explain briefly what the theme is then, by referring to appropriate techniques, show how the writer explores this theme.


Othello by William Shakespeare explores theme of jealousy which impresses audiences. Set in Venice and Cyprus the eponymous tragic hero ( 'the moor ') is the general of the Venetian army and have just married to 'divine ' white Venicean Desdemona. As everything is going smoothly with Othello the villian in the play, Iago, determines to destroy his fortunes by taking advantage of Othello 's tragic flaw of jealousy and his guillable nature. This play explores
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At scene one without further prompting Casio has gone to arrange a meeting with Desdemona in hopes of getting his lieutenancy back. Casio 's action fits perfectly in Iago 's revenge as Desdemona would now fight endlessly with Othello to reinstate Casio, giving a chance for Iago to persuade Desdemona is not being faithful to him. As expected Desdemona promises Casio she would perform her friendship 'to the last article then she started confronting Othello in Act three Scene Three, the climax of the play. Even though Casio has the choice to remain to speak directly to Othello he decides to excuses himself, again allowing Iago to interpret this as guilt to Othello. Almost without any input from Iago Othello gets jealous simply by trying to cover the fact that it was Casio, as 'I cannot think it. That he would steal away so guilty like '. Therefore when Desdemona is so open about who she was speaking to and what about, it is interpreted not as open honesty but as brazenness. Later as Desdemona leaves Iago starts planting the seed of suspicion and watch it grow in Othello 's mind. First the uses of repetitive speech, such as 'what dost thou think ' and 'think, my lord? ' adds tension on Othello as it causes him to believe terrible is happening and even 'honest Iago ' can not speak of it -- 'he echoes me, as if there were some monster in his though too hideous to be shown '. This is all it takes to cause Othello to believe something is happening between Casio and Desdemona. Plant of jealousy starts growing as Othello wonders 'why did I marry? This honest creature doubtless sees and knows more, much more than he unfolds. ' clearly shows he is a gullible person and that it only takes a small amount of suggestions to shake his love, implying that chaos will begin: Iago goes to great strength to prove that Casio and Desdemona are in love, telling a story of what happened when he shared a room with

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