Explore the Convention Used in the Threeperformances. Essay

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The aim of this essay is to show how the three performances in dance, music and drama were influenced by Brecht, Lea Anderson and the various artists involved with the musical genre of minimalism. This essay will also describe the process the ensemble went through while devising and rehearsing the performance as well as the similarities between the art forms, such as the significance of characterisation within dance and drama when portraying stereotypical characters.
For drama, the practitioner the ensemble studied was Berthold Brecht, an early 20th century German theatre practitioner who pioneered the theatrical movement of Epic theatre. Brecht is of particular interest given the similarities in subject matter, as the groups
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This was done with the intention of allowing the audience to review and think about the implications of such extensive governmental control. One of the most important elements of Brechtian drama is the estrangement effect or Verfremdungseffekt. Brecht believed that the suspension of disbelief through emotional manipulation in typical bourgeois theatrical productions blockaded critical thought, forcing the audience to emotionally identify with characters that are completely removed from the reality of what was a typically working class audience. Furthermore, Brecht saw first-hand the effects of uncritical emotional manipulation through the speeches and charisma of Adolf Hitler, noting the distinct similarities between the two. The performance attempted to apply the V-effect through a number of Brechtian techniques. This could be observed through the transition between scenes as the movement of props and furniture were made in full view of the audience by the actors. The scenery and costume were also fragmented, mostly using a single piece of furniture or costume to represent the characters or locations.
The performance was split into six sections of various lengths. The episodic structure of the Brechtian performance created a montage of the different aspects of the political topic. The first scene begins with a whistle-blower reporting to the

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