Explain The Models Of Addiction Essay example

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5. Explain the models of addiction. (8 points)

Addictive behaviors, especially substance abuse, are rampant mental health disorders. The most common additions involve alcohol, nicotine, and illicit drugs, also known as addictive substances. However, addiction can be indentified in gambling, binge eating, and risky sexual behaviors as well. There are significant health and societal costs related to engagement in addictive behaviors. Therefore, it is important to understand addiction issues, including what causes them and how to treat them. Although conceptualizing addiction problems has been controversial, several models of addiction have gained traction over the years. The four main models that have persisted are the moral model, the medical/disease model, the spiritual model, and integrative models.
The moral model of addictive behaviors is the earliest model of addiction. It posits addiction as a sign of weak moral character and a lack of will power. It holds the individual fully responsible for his or her addiction. More specifically, it is his or her fault for developing the addiction and it is his or her duty to escape it using willpower. Also, a relapse is viewed as sign of moral weakness. The approach taken in this model often fosters shame and guilt in those with addiction issues. Also, in this model, other etiological factors, such as genetics and environment, are completely ignored. Lastly, this mentality on addiction has led to various movements, such as the…

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