Explain How Culture and Socialisation Interact in a Sociological Context

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Explain how culture and socialisation interact in a sociological context?
Culture is our knowledge we gain from birth as a result of our immersement into our cultural group. Socialisation is the way in which we learn this information we gain from such contact. When we look at the two ‘Culture and Socialisation’ and study how this interaction occurs, what is gained, changed, modified, etc we are defining the interaction of culture and socialisation and how they react to each other we are using ‘Sociology’.
Culture is known to us as the knowledge you learn from birth, from within your own group. It involves learning and establishing our languages, belief’s, norms, mores, sanctions, both positive and negative influences, sub and counter
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Positive sanctions can be material, such as a prize, a trophy or money, but in everyday life they usually consist of hugs, smiles, a pat on the back or even handshakes and ‘high fives’. Negative sanctions can also be material – being fined in court is one example – but they, too, are more likely to be symbolic: harsh words or gestures such as frowns, stares, clenched jaws or raised fists.( Henslin, Possamai & Possamai-Indesedy 2011, p. 80)
Norms can vary widely between groups, for example with indigenous people of Australia most have little personal space, this means that when you are mixing with indigenous people you will often find that they encroach upon your personal space if you are not from their cultural background, and you might find it somewhat confronting. Also, you might have heard of not looking people in the eye which varies in cultures, this can be considered not just rude but an offence, depending upon the cultural group. It is necessary for a person within a culture to conform to that groups norms, so as to be accepted.
There are also, norms which are taken much more seriously such as MORES. These are essential to the core values and are required to be conformed within the community. To violate a ‘mores’ is violation of one of society’s most important rules. There is no flexibility in these core values, the

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