Experiential Learning In Interpersonal Communication

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The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate my experiential learning of interpersonal communication and how its fundamental role is manifested throughout our day-to-day interactions; primarily focusing on professional relationships in the workplace environment. The components supporting this piece include: realization of self-awareness through interpersonal communication, verbal and non-verbal communication, perceptions and barriers, conflict resolution, and the integration and effects of technology on engagement. To confirm my understanding of interpersonal communication, I will use the content of the paper to convey my experiential learning through the lens of various roles I have played in interacting with others in a working environment. …show more content…
There are two dominate vehicles we use to effectively communicate interpersonally, the first being verbal communication and the second being non-verbal communication. Both of these facets impart information and are the structural foundation of our interpersonal communications system. Verbal communication takes form through spoken word and is not subject to the barriers imposed by time or space. In the workplace, I utilize verbal communication when engaging in face-to-face dialogue, virtual meetings (skype, google hangouts), conference calls and email exchanges. As a professional and fellow human, it is imperative to be mindful of my manners when engaging in verbal conversation and to not be too eager to interject my thoughts and opinions, but rather patiently listen to understand. I have formed a bad habit of interrupting those that I am comfortable with during mid sentences when I have a point to interject. Not only is this habit disrespectful, unprofessional and rude in my opinion, but it also sends the message that what I have to say is more valuable and important than what the other has to say; even if my intention is far from being rude. I have found this to be a heard habit to break and have asked those close to me to help me become more aware of when I am doing it. Since become more self-aware of this interrupting habit by enlisting help from those I trust, I have been able to catch myself more frequently in the action or hold back when I have the urge to

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