Essay about Existentialism Is A Humanism, By Jean Paul Sartre

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The freedom we have as humans to create our own meaning isn 't all sunshine and smiles, and in this paper, I will attempt to explain various quotes of Sartre, from his work "Existentialism is a Humanism." I will also go in depth about what each part of the quotes means, as well as define some key terms used in each quote to help in understanding each quote. I will also go over a few emotional responses that can arise when faced with the realization that as humans we have to invent our own meaning. Then at the end, I will attempt to tie it all back together with an experience in my personal life where I felt explained Sartre 's example.
"You are free, therefore choose, that is to say, invent" this is a quote by Jean Paul Sartre that can almost be read at face value and have the same meaning which talks about how as humans we are free to invent our own meaning of existence, but let 's break it down a little more. To start this quote was given by Sartre as a response to his pupil that asked him for advice about what he should do with his mom. Now let 's break down the quote "You are free," meaning we, as humans, are free from the external control of gods, and there is no longer any rule of general morality that can tell you what we should do. Now the second part "..Therefore choose, that is to say, Invent." Because we are free from any guidelines of what we ought to do, we are now free to invent our own personal values, that we will live our life by, and by doing so we…

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