Executive Summary : The Proposed Ordinance Essay

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Executive Summary: The proposed ordinance, Sec. 12.325, is an attempt to maintain public safety by prohibiting people from soliciting or panhandling on public highways. Specifically, it bans people from approaching an active vehicle on the road. While safety is important, this ordinance is unnecessary in the sense that there are other laws regarding obstruction of traffic, disturbing the peace, and assault that should address any concerns of safety regarding the issue. It also borders on being unconstitutional by limiting one’s right of free speech to ask their fellow citizens for financial help. If panhandling is an issue, then I would consider that the City Council focus it’s efforts on laws that reduce poverty and homelessness in the city of Madison.

The remaining sections in this memorandum include: (1) A “Background Summary” providing information regarding poverty and public safety in the city of Madison (2) An “Issue Analysis” in which I will critically examine the supposed problem of panhandling on public roadways that is behind proposed (3) An “Options” section where I will provide ideas for different ways to confront this issue (4) A “Recommendations” section where I will provide my endorsement as to what the Council should decide regarding this proposed ordinance.

Background Summary: In order to address this issue, it is important to understand the current state of poverty and homelessness in this area. According to the Institute for Research on Poverty at…

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