Executive Power And Its Effects On President Obama 's Terms Essay

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Executive power is a term that has frequented news channels during president Obama’s terms. Executive power is the power defined by the Constitution that the president can act without the approval of Congress. The system of checks and balances that exists to control the power of the branches of government limits what the president can do without the approval of Congress. It is the exact power that the president has, though is never explicitly defined and is subject to debate. The purpose of the executive branch of government traditionally is supposed to enforce law and it can choose to enforce the law in whatever way they deem necessary. This fact is often cited when executive power is disputed as to whether the president is changing the way he enforces current laws which is well within his power, or actually creating new laws which is the job of congress. The power that the leader has over his/her country has been a common theme in world history and now America, a country whose foundation was built on the ideals of democracy and the republic yet again revisits the age old dispute of the power of the president. Throughout United States history, executive power has been changed and viewed differently by both the government and the public. It is stated in the US Constitution that, “executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America” (Heritage Foundation). Currently, the president does have the preconceived bulk of executive power,…

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