Examples Of The Salem Witch Trials In The Crucible

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The Easy Way Out It is easy to blame others for a mistake made by ones self. A powerful play about the Salem Witch Trials by Arthur Miller, The Crucible, shows the true evil inside of people (AP). Abigail Williams and here friends begin the trend of accusing people of witchcraft in town and this spirals out of control. Unjust people will perpetuate and defend their mistakes out of fear, shame, or pride because the young girls use power of the court, force people to lie, and make people believe them. First, the girls use the power of the court to defend themselves. They are willing to do anything to get out of trouble. The young girls dance in the forest one night and not only is dancing against the rules, but they are also casting …show more content…
Citizens of the town of Salem lie to save themselves from hanging. The imperfect people in Salem have less of a problem confessing to witchcraft to save their lives, but good and honest people such as Goody Nurse cannot bring themselves to admit to something so horrible. Rebecca Nurse is willing to die for the truth, and she is sentenced to death but she knows that she is not guilty; therefore she will go to heaven even though the judges of the town do not believe this. The judges truly believe that all people accused of witchcraft are guilty because there have been people to confess to the crime, but people only confess to save themselves. These judges feel far too much pride to stop hanging people for witchcraft, but citizens of the town feel otherwise: “ ‘They have confessed it.’ ‘And why not, if they must hang for denyin’ it?’ ” (Miller, 1278-1279). Many people, when put in a life or death situation, will choose life- it is the natural response. The only reason people are confessing to the crime of witchcraft is that they will live to see another day, unlike those who do not confess. When Mary is put on the spot, she cannot bring herself to tell the truth and instead defends herself, accusing John Proctor. The fear of Abby, who is evil and will do anything to defend her mistakes, is the reason that Mary cannot tell the truth that the girls are all lying.

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