What Are The Effects Of Racial Discrimination

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Around the world there are many different conflicts with race. In India they are discriminating on these who are darker than the norm in that country. This is just one example of discrimination around the world, there are many more. When it comes to America we deal with it every day. Most think in America we just deal with the disagreement between African Americans and cautiousness. However, there is much more that goes on every day that deals with discrimination. Unfortunate, we are dealing with the discrimination against same sex marriage. As Americans we see discrimination ever day due to the hatred against African American, same sex marriage and the dramatic way people look in their appearance.
Today Racism has been a bigger problem with
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For example, someone who wearing a suit and tie and their walking down the street and they see someone who is wear baggy clothes. They will automatic think they come from nothing and there intelligent are low. As for experience, my friend is very smart and comes from money, but seeing people talk about him because of the way he dress. They automatic think he is poor and not educated. Kids today only care about appearance. Likewise phones, shoes, hair and what you listen to. Sometimes adults as well are judgmental about what kids listen. For instance, my mother hared me listening to a song with Lil Wayne and she dint understand what he was saying. She started to say things about the way he dresses in till I told her about how he has a college degree and is smart. Meanwhile, appearance is a big situation for business because they feel if you look bad or dress bad you cannot get the job because of the way you look. On the other hand you can dress bad and be the most educated then then the one who dress well. This goes to show you can’t judge a book by it cover.
As result, America today is still struggling to stop the discrimination against race, same sex marriage and appearance. For few years cases that involve discrimination have been on the rise. In the past year alone, incidents that involve prejudice have been at an all-time high compared to the 1800 when racism started out. Same sex marriage has really big problem with our country today. Some state not accepting people who love the same gender as them. At the same people judging people for their appearance is another problem, we have as well shows there level of

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