Examples Of Individualism In V For Vendetta

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In every society there is a set of rules, whether it’s written laws or a social norm. These are set to either maintain safety and regulation or prevent societal damage. Whether we choose to follow these rules or not, they are enforced by someone who should regularly choose what is best for their country or community. When someone who doesn’t have best interests in mind is in charge, negative results will surface. In the film V for Vendetta, James Mcteigue portrays the impact of a corrupt government and rebellion against the injustice of a controlling government. He does this by exhibiting the conflict between pursuing a personal desire and choosing to conform and accept the corruption. Through gender, history and society, individuality and …show more content…
The Guy Fawkes symbol plays an important role as it is the symbol of anarchism, revolution, and civil disobedience. It is also the face of V and all his followers closer to the end of the movie. When everyone follows V in his idea. A mask can alter an individual, or a flawed group of people into something powerful and can create movements. V for Vendetta portrays a dystopian that relates closely to Nazi Germany through fascist authoritarian states and leaders. Nazi Germany used fear to rise to power as did the fascist government in the film, using the St.Marys epidemic to remind the people why they need the government. While Hitler did the same with political crises, economic and social, the fear caused the people to look toward the government, allowing Hitler to manipulate them. V, Sutler and Hitler all share characteristics of a persuasive, charismatic, and manipulative leader. In V for Vendetta only the British Television Network is permitted which exhibits false information or half truths, Hitler's regime used propaganda as well to real in the people he wanted. Lastly specialized camps, Hitler placed people into concentration camps and tortured them comparably as did the government in the film. Larkhill gathered multiple ethnic and racial minorities such as Black people, Indians and Pakistanis and religious groups such as Jews, Muslims and other minorities such as homosexuals were also persecuted, for example Valerie, being taken by Norsefire because she was lesbian. Whether V is seen as the protagonist or the antagonist, his intention was to dismantle the social system that is falsely leading our world today. And prevent past injustices to reoccur. In doing this he gave people without a voice, a

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