Compare And Contrast Romeo And Juliet

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Some people think that Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest love stories, however that’s not true. It’s not one of the greatest love stories of all time because Romeo and Juliet are not actually in love. There is a substantial amount of evidence that proves they are not in love. For instance, Romeo, at the beginning, is heartbroken for Rosaline then he sees Juliet and Rosaline is replaced with Juliet, Romeo and Juliet also don’t know each other very well, and the couple may think they’re defying fate but they’re actually doomed by fate.
Romeo is in love with a woman name Rosaline, or at least he thinks he is in love. However, Rosaline is Juliet’s cousin and therefore also a Capulet, but she made it clear, to Romeo, that she doesn't love
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Romeo loves Juliet so much that when he was exiled, he wanted to die rather than be forced to be away from Juliet. He said to Friar, after Friar told him that he was banished “Ha, banishment? Be meaningful and say ‘death’; for exile hath more tear in his look much more than death. Do not say ‘banishment.’” (3.3.12-14). Romeo thought that be forced to be away from Juliet was just as bad as death, however he left Juliet so that he could survive and see her again, possibly. While Romeo was away Juliet and Friar came up with a plan for Juliet to take a potion that made her look like she was dead, but she was still alive and that they would send word to Romeo of their plan and Juliet would wake up and then they would run off together. Friar explained exactly what to do by saying “Takes out this vial, being that in bed, and this distilled liquor drink thou off.”(4.1.89-120). So Juliet did just that, she lay in bed, took out the vial and drinks it. She drinks it because she wants to be with her endearing Romeo again.
Romeo and Juliet is not the greatest love stories of all time because Romeo starts as heartbroken for Rosaline, Romeo and Juliet hardly know each other, and the couple is condemned by

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