Examples Of Eschatology Discussion

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Message of Eschatology Discussion
It was not until I was forty-five years old that I began to realize that the most important decision I would make in my life is where am I going to spend eternity? There are people today that fail to realize that the same holds true for them. People are so focused on the now that they do not think much about later, after death. For some, their belief is when they die, that’s it, and there is no life after death. As ambassadors for Christ, it is our assignment to correct this very tragic error in their thinking. There is life after death, and there is death after death called the second death. Case and Powell, both, expound on the seriousness of Eschatology. Heaven and hell are literal places. They are real and a choice has to be made as to which place you prefer; the smoking section (hell) or the
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This message is very important to all, unbeliever and believer. For the unbeliever, life is short, death is sure, sin is the cause, and Christ is the cure. Time is running out and no man knows the hour or the day (Matt 24:36) this present age will end or the end of their life. In order for one’s eternity to be secure in the age to come, they must choose Jesus as Lord and Savior for there is no other way to eternal life. For the believer, the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few (Matt 9:35-38). The gospel message of the church must be proclaimed with a sense of urgency. Case (2000) states, “there is sufficient information in God’s Word to clearly warn of the gravity of this event and to persuade individuals to make certain they are ready for Christ’s return” (p. 94). When a believer has the proper understanding of the End Times and its importance, the believer lives with the expectation of seeing Jesus as He is and reigning with Him in the age to

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