Example Of Interstate Rivalry

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Throughout history we have seen many cases of rivalry and disputes amongst states. It is very common that within these conflicts and disagreements, states find something that will be of benefit for each other. This situation brings not only peace amongst them, but also cooperation. It does not matter the level of power that a state may have, at some point in time within their power, they have had to make some type of decision that is beneficial for both. Interstate cooperation is no different, for decisions benefitting internally are just as important.

Interstate cooperation occurs when exercisable political power is distributed between states and Congress (Zimmerman, pg. 203). Together, both the Congress and states must make negotiations
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407). Involvement usually consists of political, economical, or military support. When there is external assistance, some states may consider another a potential threat which causes tension amongst them and even possible rivals (Boutton, pg. 747). When situations like these occur, states look for common interest or what benefits each other. A great example of interstate rivalry is the United States military support for Pakistan to combat terrorism within the state (Boutton, …show more content…
Feminism helps see how war affects and shapes woman’s lives. Feminism shows that not only men are affected by interstate differences but woman play a large part in it as well. Professor Cynthia Enloe provided us with two examples, Kim and Maha, of woman that were impacted by war in different ways. Professor Enloe explained that each woman was affected by war altogether since power and gender work together in the mist of war. Feminine theory helps us see situations, in this case war, differently or from an alternate lens (Viotti & Kauppi, pg. 360). Militarism shows the power within a state, but feminism shows a different perspective in analyzing war and the aftermath. These are the areas that are viewed as important and analyzed when making interstate collaboration for the good of the state and its

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