Example Of Gender Biased Language

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Gender-biased language refers to some specific area which may be based on prejudice, racism, age factor, ethnicity, social norms etc. These terms are also used either positive or negative because, like prejudice may be positive which shows the unity of the nation and negative shows to degrade others. Sometimes social norms show positive and negative attitudes in languages. So the question is gender biased language either good or bad for the community of learners.

Two words are used for male and female; one is sex, and the other is gender. Sex is linked to the biological factors like chromosomes, hormones, internal or external sex organs which show the male and female qualities. Gender refers to the characteristics of the social and cultural
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We can see an ancient history of humans, which describes that human shares knowledge, observations, feelings etc. through language (both spoken and written). When we read ancient transcripts or books, then we may indicate that these languages which they used are gender biased in favour of the male community. In that era, females were downtrodden and they had no authority to speak against the man power. After that, that was the reason some female writers did not write her original name but choose a male name for her career like Mary Ann Evans her original name was George Eliot. Previous researches suggest that this was the point to taking language into biased one. People thought that females can only work in their houses not for the society or country. But when the time came and females had authority to share her thoughts, then two different languages appeared one is male and the other one is female. Then human started to think about these type of languages which we called gender-biased languages or unbiased.
Gender-biased language is used for the favour of one gender to another. In English language, we can see that bias is present for the preference male to the female gender. That shows male pronouns like he, his, him etc. in English writing. We also used some male dominant words like shipman, policeman, superman etc. show us male prominent to
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Bible or Holy Quran. Avicenna said that we cannot define a human quality because we are not the Creator of human being but only the Creator can do well. In the world, the two religions are dominant one is Christianity and the other is Islam. So when we read the Holy Bible or Holy Quran in both books we can see that God addressed humanity as biased or unbiased. Somewhere God addressed male or female i.e. biased language or somewhere God addressed the People i.e. unbiased language. So it means we can use both biased and unbiased languages.

Finally, we may suggest that we use both types of languages (biased and unbiased languages) according to their situation. If we need biased language, then we used it or if we need unbiased language then we should not hesitate to use it. This means use for the benefit of the community of the

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