Examine reasons for changes in pattern of world development Essay

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Examine reasons for recent changes in patterns of World development.
In the 1970’s Africa seemed poised to take off developmentally speaking while S.America and especially Asia were seen with extreme pessimism. Since then patterns have been reversed; Asia led by economies such as
India have introduced new nomenclature such as newly and recently industrialising countries while S. America has followed close behind. Today it is Africa or more precisely Sub-Saharran Africa which has stagnated developmentally or in some cases even reversed in some countries. Thios can be seen by looking at two countries – India and Uganda. In 1960 Uganda had a GDP/cap of $789 and a life expectancy of 44 years. India in comparrison was $654 and 42 years;
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Economic factors are dominated by trade. Global trade is administered bt the W.T.O. which is dominated by the QUAD nations (U.S.A., Canada, E.U. and Japan), they actively prevent the least developed nations from improving developmentally by their often illegal trading systems. Rich developed nations protect their markets using a variety of measures such as tariffs, quotas and subsidies. The impact of these can best be seen by looking at an example such as the impacts of cotton subsidies on West Africa (these subsidies were declared illegal by the W.T.O. in 2005 but still prevail).
The U.S.A. each year subsidises its cotton producers by $4 billion. In West Africa some 10 million people earn their livings through cotton production. In countries such as Chad and Mali cotton makes up more that 10% of annual GDP and more than 60% of agricultural export earnings. In West Africa production costs are 38 cents per pound. However in the USA production costs 80 cents per pound but the subsidy reduces the price on the open market to a third! Put in context; this one USA subsidy is more than the entire USAID budget for Africa and lowers the global cotton price by 25%. It is compounded by a Chineses subsidy of $1 billion and an EU subsidy of $1 billion (paid to Spain and Greece despite the EU admitting that without it the cotton costs in the
EU would be three times

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