Examination And Opinions On The Chinese Examination System Essay

1554 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 7 Pages
The Chinese examination has been known to be an extremely hard literary test of intellectual skill. Passing this examination allows one to obtain a position in the state bureaucracy. It consists of composing essays that will exhibit the intellectual potential of the applicant. Individuals who decide to take the examination go through multiple rounds of tests and the majority of applicants do not pass the exam. Based on the intensity of the examination and opinions on intellectuals, I argue that Wu Jingzi believes that the Chinese examination is a prime example of how intellectuals can lose their way because of this “fantasy world” that promotes a negative transformation of character. Through Wu Jingyi’s use of exaggerated reactions, he continues to use emotional breakdowns as a symbol of change for a character that is promoted by the Chinese examination system. In The Scholars, Wu Jingzi demonstrates his feeling about the Chinese examination system through his use of the character Fan Jin and how he is completely taken with this “fantasy world” that is the Chinese examination. Fan Jin, a man who passed the examination honestly, exhibits how he briefly loses his character due to his success in the examination. He goes through a similar mental breakdown to Zhou Jin in which success has transformed him into a complete mess. “Clapping his hands again, he let out a peal of laughter and shouted, “Aha! I’ve passed! I’ve passed!” (CP 176/73). His breakdown demonstrates that Wu…

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