Evolutionary Anthropology : Biological Anthropology Essay

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Contributing to this worldview is a combination of various fields together known as evolutionary genetics. Fields making up evolutionary genetics are: Biological anthropology, which is making outstanding strides in revealing patterns of growth and development that illuminate life history; in addition, biomechanical and functional morphological studies are revealing ancient activity patterns. New field and laboratory techniques and advances in geochronology are solving our need for chronology. Archaeology continues to discover when, where, and in which contexts behavioral and cultural milestones occurred. Despite all these fields trying to make a combined effort, the disciplines of genetics, biological anthropology, and archaeology still continue to struggle to attain a real explanation for modern human origins.
Curtis W. Marean did a review where he found the most effective way to approach this topic was through evolutionary anthropology where social and biological sciences together can create an integrated explanatory framework for the origin of humanity. He tries to provide a pathway to investigate the archaeological, biological, and genetic record for the origins of Homo sapiens.
He looked to tackle this matter coming from firstly a biological background followed by a behavioral background. The biological background showed us that the current genetic and fossil records suggest that the world had a diverse set of hominin lineages between approximately 800 and 40 ka…

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