Evolution of Public Administratpon Essay

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Contents EVOLUTION OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AS A DISCIPLINE AND ITS PRESENT STATUS: 2 Historical Evolution: 6 PARADIGMS OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: 9 Evolution of Public Administration 15 Period I (1887 – 1926) Public Administration Dichotomy : 15 Period II (1927 - 1937) Principles of Administration : 16 Period III (1938 – 1947) Era of Challenge : 17 Period IV (1948 - 1970) Public Administration As Management: 17 Organizational development: 19 Period V(1971 - Continuing :Public administration as publicAdministration: 1971-? 20 The New Public Administration 21 The New Public Management (NPM) 23 HIGHLIGHTS IN THE HISTORY OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 25

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The contribution of Ferrel Heady and F.W. Riggs in this area is important, because they provided the impetus needed for the extension of the scope of public administration. This led to the development of the comparative administration movement and the rise of Development Administration as an important part of the public administration. The modern view of public administration is that it is government-in-action.

Historical Evolution:

While Public Administration gained university recognition as a field of study only after the World War II, it is as old as civilized society. It was responsible in the building of cities; in the construction of public works; and the management of the state, among others.

It has been argued that for public administration to qualify as a discipline or field of study, the teaching of the subject matter must be systematic rather than a scattered thought. For modern public administration to evolve, the government as an institution must be delineated from other societal institutions. It must be distinguished from political economy, military or political organization.

In Europe, where public administration has first evolved, studies in modern public administration was intended to prepare prospective public servants in Prussia for government service. In terms of scope, public administration was mainly a description of the machinery of the government, the activities of

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