Essay about Evolution Of Creationism And Creationism

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Creationism and Evolution one is allowed to be taught in our school the other is banned in all facets of its matter. Evolution is a science subject that teaches our kids a species can develop from a single cell organism. This is an inveigle way of teaching without having proper evidence of this theory, so we are teaching our kids something that is no more than a fairy tale. We don 't teach about God or creationism in public schools because we lack physical evidence of his existence and we don 't force our religion on others, the same can be said about evolution, it is strictly just a belief and our lack of knowledge and physical evidence of this religion should not be forced on our students because it provides no truth. Charles Darwin is an English Naturalist and father of the theory of evolution, born in Shrewsbury, UK, and February 12, 1809. (Wiki) Darwin gained this concept on a voyage, as he was on the Galapagos Island he noticed 13 different species of Finches, with knowledge of only one in his home land he started snowballing the idea that these birds beak sizes and shapes adapted to their environment. (citation) The problem with this theory and idea is he was a visitor on an island he had never visited and was unknown to him. This is the equivalence of looking at the bird family, we know there are many different species of birds, but we don’t make the assumption that a pigeon has in some way evolved into an eagle. We know there are many different species of…

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