Essay on Evolution Is The Basic Definition Of Evolution

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Evolution is the process, through natural selection, that organisms are thought to have changed from earlier organisms into new and more complex forms over time. These evolutions suit their new environments and needs (Levine & Miller). This is the basic definition of evolution. The origins of this theory began with Charles Darwin. Darwin first explained that evolution occurred because of natural selection, or survival of the fittest. In which, the strongest and most fit organism survives and passes on his genes. This results in more efficient organisms over time. Of course, for any scientific theory to be backed up, it must be supported by an abundance of evidence. Such evidence could be fossils, microevolution examples, viral evolution, bacterial resistance, and Geological Distribution even explains why similar creatures exist on separate continents. Mutation is one of the most observable ways that evolution occurs (Green). Through mutations, changes can be made at random to a species by changes in their DNA. These changes are normally defects, and vary from large changes, like a change in the digestive tract, to something simple like an extra toe. However, these changes do not typically affect the organism 's ability to survive. Although, when these changes do help an organism to survive, the organism is then more likely to spread their genes to the next generation. Resulting in a new strain of DNA being inserted into the species, which in itself furthers the…

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