Evolution And The Nature Of Science Essay

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Reading the first chapter of Evolution and the Nature of Science, it was the easiest and interesting article out of all of them. Scientist for centuries been searching for evidence to help understand the biological evolution. Searching years for a discovery hoping to come across a type of transitional fossil or any fossil to help with their search. A transitional fossil is the fossilized remains of life that are common to an ancestral group and the descendant group. The descendant group play a huge role and consider to be important. Due to it being sharply differentiated by the gross anatomy and mode of living form of the ancestral group. And as for fossils, they are any preserved evidence of an organism. They are essential clues that were left behind by forms of living species. Fossils are a tool to help our plant understand diverse groups of certain organisms we had. Therefore, both transitional fossils and fossils are what exactly the scientist need to help out with a discovery. As scientist kept a look out for these clues, they dedicated their time and worked to find what they needed. The team finally made a trip to Ellesmere Island to investigate. They were on a search to determined how evolution had occurred and was continuing to occur. After there long journey to Ellesmere Island, the team finally made a remarkable discovery. Along the side of a hill, they uncovered the fossil of a creature that they called “Tiktaalik”. After making their hypothesis on an…

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