Essay on Evolution And The Nature Of Science

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Evolution and the nature of science are concepts that we encounter on a daily basis. Animals, humans, and plants all rely on the biological elements on earth in order to adapt, survive, and reproduce. Scientists have discovered many evidence of the way evolution has changed throughout the years. They have discovered things such as transitional fossils, and the way some selections play a role in science. However, there is still one universal question concerning people in terms of evolutionary modification: is it a scientific theory or fact?
One of the elements that scientists have discovered are transitional fossils. Transitional fossils are fossils that help us detect the remains of an ancestral group and its descendant group. The group that falls in between the two is what scientists consider transitional fossils. These fossils inform us of previous ancestors of the species, while providing evidence of how a fossil transitions over time. Unlike transitional fossils, regular fossils are the remains of a plant or animal that was once living and no longer exists. It is amazing to see how much the world has evolved and to think that animals who existed at one point in time no longer exists. Moreover, there have also been old fossils discovered by the team in Ellesmere Island. These discoveries consist of fossils which are 375 million- years- old. The team investigated these fossils because of the discovery of transitional animals between shallow-water fishes and limbed…

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