Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution Essay examples

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Evolution Should be Taught in Schools

Ever since the idea of evolution came about there have been all kinds of debates, including trials, over the subject. When Charles Darwin first thought of his theories he did not know what would come of it. Evolution contradicts religious beliefs, which makes teaching it a touchy subject for some students. However, students can take it if the subject is approached in the right way. Students must learn the sound science behind evolution and realize that religion is different than science. Overwhelming evidence shows that evolution is real and should be taught in all schools.
There are many different forms of life. These differences have both advantages and disadvantages to them. These differences vary in many ways. The variations that life produces come from 3 laws: correlation by growth, use and disuse, and the physical conditions (Darwin 93). However, as long as the living conditions stay the same, modifications that a species has will be passed down from generation to generation without change; on the other hand, if the conditions change other modifications will be formed and passed down (93). These modifications are random making hard for some people to understand how they could produce something as complex as an eye or hands (Ruse 136). Variations cannot be produced, even if man is trying to force it; they come from man unintentionally changing the living conditions of other organisms (Darwin 94). This makes non-believers of…

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