Theme Of Evil Decisions In Macbeth

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Throughout time, there have been several occasions where noblemen had been under the impression that the king was “unfit” to rule. These noblemen would later take the throne for themselves. This phenomenon portrayed in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth for many reasons. Macbeth goes through various events where big decisions have to be made, these all result in evil decisions. Macbeth primarily chose the evil over good by choosing to kill King Duncan. Later by choosing to kill his best friend Banquo. Finally by ruling as a tyrant over Scotland. He had the reasons to choose the good decision but never failed to go with the wrong decision. The first situation when Macbeth chose the wrong decision is when he decided to kill King Duncan. He had ample …show more content…
Citizens started to realize that bad things were happening in Scotland, so when communicating amongst one another, they spoke in fear. This is proven with what Ross says to Malcolm and Macduff in England. “Alas, poor country! /… It cannot / be called our mother but our grave …” (IV, iii, 177-178). Ross notices that people are suddenly “disappearing” from their houses and work, so the people of Scotland are living in fear because they do not know who is next to “disappear”. Macbeth once again proves a tyrant when he sends murders to kill Macduff’s family for the suspected conspiracy against the king. A messenger goes to their village, Fife to warn the family. “I doubt some danger does approach you nearly. / If you will take a homely man’s advice, / Be not found here. Hence with your little ones… / …Heaven preserve / you!” (IV, ii, 61-63, 66-67). Just because Macbeth suspects Macduff of going to England to form an alliance with Malcolm, he sends murderers while Macduff is away to head to the castle to murder his wife, children, and servants brutally. Another reason why Macbeth is a tyrant over Scotland is because of his greed for the throne. At first, he murdered King Duncan to get the throne. Macbeth now wants to kill Malcolm to ensure that he will keep the throne and will do anything to make sure that Malcolm is dead. When Macduff goes to England to plead allegiance with him, Malcolm runs him through a series of tests to make sure that Macduff actually went to him to save Scotland. “Devilish Macbeth / By many of these trains hath south we win me / into his power, and modest wisdom plucks me / From over-credulous haste…” (IV, iii, 119-122). Malcolm explains that Macbeth has sent many people to England to try and trick Malcolm into coming back to Scotland as a trap for Macbeth to kill

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