Evidence That Prove Ghosts Real Essay

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1). John Ferrier, a physician, wrote "An Essay Towards A Theory of Apparitions" in which he states that any ghost sightings are just optical illusions.
2). Scientists can 't seem to make up their minds because it is difficult to prove the non-existence.
3). Many investigators stick to their religious belief which clouds their judgement. 4). Many photographs are easily photoshopped which makes many evidence of ghosts come into question. 5). The theory of relativity suggests there to be a limitless amount of existences.
6). The "Stone Tape Theory" suggests that instead of seeing normal ghosts, we 're seeing residual hauntings which is peoples death stuck on a loop.
7). “One in three people in a 2005 survey admitted to thinking their homes were haunted.”
8). Peter Fenwick is a neuropsychiatrist who wrote The Art of Dying.
9). In The Art of Dying, Fenwick says that the mind and the brain work separately.
10). In death the mind and the brain become much more separated.
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1). Millions of people have tried to capture ghosts on video.
2). Parapsychologist loyd Auerbach claims that there are strange…

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