Everyone Wants to Learn If They Have a Chance Essay

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Zolzaya Narantsogt Zolzaya 1

English 1302


Argumentative essay Everyone wants to learn if they get a chance, and everybody wishes to get a scholarship. However, there are only the few deserves a scholarship. The view of obtain a scholarship, let me analyze one more time why I deserve this scholarship more than the others. According to a 2010 Trends in College Tricing report by College Board, since the year 2000, public-year tuition and fees have increased more than 5 percent. Sandy Baum, an economist and lead author of the College Board's report said that ‘'Tuition is going to keep rising faster than inflation.’’ I have always
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There are three major reasons why I deserve this scholarship. First, my character as a nature and personality fit well to pursue a career of knowledge and education. Ever since I was a child, I preferred to go out and play with other kids after I finished and made sure what I had to do such as homework, assignments and chores. I've been determined and persevere. It just makes me ecstatic whenever I reach my a goal. I am a very self motivated person, and I enjoy a challenging myself. I take my education very serious and push myself to be the best student that I can be. I do everything in my power to achieve and put so much effort in anything I choose to do. Zolzaya 3 Secondly, one thing I have never forget to tell people is I would love to explore and discover new passions, acquiring new skills and make new friends. I was a lead member of the student parliament for four years when I was in high school, and our group started many different activities and created new ideas to inspire the rest of the students. For example, our group was offering free tutoring to the students who were struggling and weren't doing good in school. Also, we started to raise money to help students who were having hard times financially. Also, I have been a member of the basketball team for two years and helped my team to bring a gold medal from the

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