Everyday Use By Alicia Walker Essay

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Everyday Use
“Everyday Use” by Alicia Walker is a short story that correctly shows the main message contained in rock song ‘rolling stones’. The singer wrote that “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need.” The story explores the struggle of women in African-American society with racism and identity during a certain bad time of history. It shows more disagreements between siblings. Alicia writes about the return of Dee to the home of her mother to claim some handmade quilts that she believes would perfectly decorate her new place. Dee is the child in the family who normally get everything her heart desires hence do not expect to find her claim to quilts challenging. However, that is not the case since her mother has been keeping the quilts for Maggie, her younger sister. Getting what you want and trying to find what you need is something each person can relate to in the world today where people work hard for money, fame, women, sex, family, religious beliefs and material possessions. Out of these, assuming needs and wants have become a matter of debate. Dee and Maggie are two characters in the story that show the life of seeking needs and wants. Hence, it is important to differentiate how Alicia uses them to show the two issues in their characters qualities and actions.

The thought regarding the superiority of a given race explains the differences between wants and needs. A need is defined as those things that a…

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